Mike Ordunez - REALTOR®

(702) 588-1926

Vegas Homes Realty

4285 N. Rancho Dr. #110 Las Vegas, NV 89130

Coming from Burbank, California but being a Vegas resident of 13 years, Michael has some good knowledge of the city itself and the Real Estate Industry. He started out as an Iron Worker Local 416 for the last 8 years but has taken many classes regarding his profession to name a couple, Real estate investing, fix and flip educational courses and of course he completed his Real Estate schooling.

So Mike, excluding your educational background, why choose Real Estate to work in? I came to the conclusion we live in a Real Estate world and saw an opportunity in it to not only better myself and my family, but to better the community as well. After working in investing, I quickly realized the benefit of getting my license. Mike is truly always wanting to help his fellow peers, in and out of the business. But his favorite part of the profession? Being able to help people out of situations and create better opportunities. What a guy! He's up for any challenge of where he can be of service, so why not give him a call and have him help you out?

License #S.0184837