Marivic Sampang - REALTOR®

(702) 956-1517

Vegas Homes Realty

4285 N. Rancho Dr. #110 Las Vegas, NV 89130

Interviewing Marivic, we could tell she would be a perfect fit for our Brokerage she loves to help people and gets the job done promptly and right. Coming from the Philippines, she has an extensive background in the industry - working in Real Estate for 10 of her 11 years of residency here in Las Vegas. Not only does she have the experience in Real Estate, she can do so much more - Marivic also worked 15 years as an Accountant, has been a Health Care Administrator, as well as a Tax Preparer. Being excellent with numbers and monies is quite the plus for us and our clients!

Not only is she experienced and educated, Marivic likes to give back to the community so in other words she does a little bit of everything. Taking part as a volunteer for feeding the homeless on her own time, she also is a Board member of Common Tree, a non-profit organization in Las Vegas that ensures people in need will receive items that are needed in everyday life food, clothes, toys, etc. She s quite the giver isn't she? There is no need to question whether she will be the right fit to find you a home or to list one, just read her past credentials and give her a call.