Kyle Fujimoto - REALTOR®

(702) 848-4865

Vegas Homes Realty

4285 N. Rancho Dr. #110 Las Vegas, NV 89130

A native to Torrance, California but a resident of Las Vegas for 12 years, Kyle came from the accounting world to pursue a career in Real Estate and has been doing so for 3 years. Why Real Estate? Well, Kyle not only does he prefer the flexibility this career gives him to spend more time with family, but it also interests him on the investment side which is where his knowledge really shines. His biggest intention is to take on listings to expand his investment business portfolio and to help people sell their home(s) as fast as possible. To add on to his intention, his main focus tends to be on residential development such as improving properties and neighborhoods and increasing property values. Focusing on making the city a more habitable, better place for its residents. Kyle is in the business for his clients to the fullest.

License #S.0184988