Jayryan Paiso - REALTOR®

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Vegas Homes Realty

4285 N. Rancho Dr. #110 Las Vegas, NV 89130

I was born and raised in the Bay Area specifically Union City, CA. I am married and have 2 kids and I enjoy spending quality time with my family. I love being out in nature on my mountain bike and taking long hikes. I also enjoy paddle boarding and jet skiing. My wife and I purchased our first house at the age of 25 and it felt like a dream come true when we bought our first property. One of the reasons why I pursued a career in real estate is because I want to help people fulfill their dreams in buying their first property and hopefully, they feel the same way my wife and I did when we became homeowners. I always had an interest in real estate, there’s times where I spend hours on the internet without even knowing it, when looking at properties or reading articles pertaining to real estate. I also enjoy meeting new people and learning new things from the people I meet. I believe in building strong relationships and helping others in any way I can, even if it isn’t real estate related.