Jay Simpson - REALTOR®

(702) 277-9177

Vegas Homes Realty

4285 N. Rancho Dr. #110 Las Vegas, NV 89130

Our first and newest Las Vegas Native we have added to our team, Jay has been debuting his name through the industry for the past year now. Graduating from UNLV with a Business Degree to working in solar sales to realizing the influence real estate has on the world, he has now taken on a career at Vegas Homes Realty.

His eagerness to work with first time home buyers and new clients in general relates to the on-point freshness of his experience he brings to the industry. I like working with both buyers and sellers; both have a different approach to what they re doing and allow me to continue to sharpen my skills in both areas. When asked his favorite part of the business? Problem solving! A great way to continue to sharpen your skills right? Everything is new and exciting to a lot of people whether it s their first home or not, so getting to be a small part of their journey is very humbling and exciting for me as well.

If you haven't gotten a chance to connect with Jay yet, keep an eye out in the crowds for his infamous bow-tie he wears! When he's not out in the field helping people, he's spending time with his family, volunteering for his daughter's school or doing what he loves as much as his job traveling. Being a firm believer in new experiences and testing ones boundaries, Jay has no limits or fears on and off the job and will do what it takes to help you succeed and grow.

License #S.0182842